Draymond Green Loving the Elimination of "Guys Cheating" and Getting "All Those Bulls**t Calls!"

Draymond Green is known for his defense. So any rule changes that make it a little bit tougher on the man he's guarding is all good by him. But it goes much further than that. 

"Can I say how satisfying it's been to watch the game of basketball without all those bulls**t calls?", Green said to Golden State Warriors' ESPN reporter Nick Friedell this weekend.

"I'm sorry, I'm not supposed to curse in interviews, right? Can I say how satisfying it is to watch the game without all those terrible calls. Guys cheating the game and grabbing guys and getting the foul. I've been really enjoying watching basketball this year."

The new crackdown on "non-basketball moves" has cut down vastly on the ref-baiting acts like launching legs, arms and other body parts into defenders or grabbing defenders' arms. 

"I kind of had stopped watching the NBA a bit because it was just too flailing and flopping and guys cheating the game and getting free throws," Green went on, unsolicited. "So I think that's been great. I would be remiss if I didn't mention that because I think that's been fantastic."

Of course, some players have been affected more than others. And Draymond isn't the only one who's noticed. Even Warriors' coach Steve Kerr has noticed Dray's own teammate Steph Curry, at times, holding back from "jumping into his guy."

With all the rave reviews, it's hoped that this is one rule crackdown that sticks. 

Photo Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports