"Hey, Ben's Outside the Building–He Needs to Get In!": It's Official—Simmons Is Back In Philly With The Sixers


In yet another surprising move, disgruntled Ben Simmons didn't waste any time getting to Philadelphia as soon as it became apparent that he and his agent Rich Paul were working out an agreement on his return. Simmons arrived Monday, unbeknownst to the team. Adrian Wojnarowski explains on ESPN the bizarre story:

According to Woj, the Sixers thought Simmons might show up later in the week, but "all of a sudden (last night) near the tip of the Brooklyn/Philly preseason game, I'm told that Sixers GM Elton Brand gets a text message saying, 'Hey, Ben's outside the building, he needs to get in to take his Covid test'. And that's how the Sixers found out that Ben Simmons, after two weeks away from the preseason, had returned to Philadelphia."

The latest twist in the Simmons Saga means that he is at least back with the organization. But for how long?

And how will the Philly fans accept him? According to Woj, "This is going to be difficult"... That might get the understatement of the young NBA season. He goes on to suggest that it's up to the team leaders—Daryl Morey,  Doc Rivers and Joel Embiid—to really set the "welcoming" tone here, and perhaps the fans will buy-in. 

There is some thought that by Simmons actually playing, and re-establishing his value as a three-time All-Star, that it might escalate the chances of acceptable (for Morey) trade offers to come in. 

But make no mistake, the Sixers are still intent on convincing Simmons that Philadelphia is the place for him (unless that, too, is a trade tactic). 

The fans, of course, are having a blast with this on Twitter:

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports