"It's Positive For Us": Kyrie Irving Now Allowed to Practice With Nets

A New York City ruling has paved the way for Kyrie Irving to be able to practice with the Brooklyn Nets. The City Hall official said that the Nets practice facility is considered a "private office." And head coach Steve Nash calls the new development "a positive."

NYC's vaccine mandate forbids anyone not vaccinated for Covid-19 from entering a large public indoor venue. That has kept Kyrie from entering the Nets' gym for either practice or preseason games at Barclay's Center (of which one was played Friday night), due to his continued refusal to be vaccinated. Irving faces $380,000 in docked pay for each game missed. 

As reported by SNY, Nash said, “It’s positive for us to be able to welcome him back in the building to practice and be a part of the team… But this is all brand new information to us, as well, so (we’re) trying to work through what some of the details are."

One thing that hasn't changed, however, is Irving's anti-vax stance, as evidenced by his Saturday tweet:

"I am protected by God and so are my people. We stand together" read the tweet. Who his "people" are is undetermined. 

Like most of us, Nash remains a bit confused by it all, but is trying to put a positive spin on the latest news.

“We're just kind of following the latest and I don't think that anyone has been through this before. Obviously, the pandemic has been new to everyone but now we're in a position where the pandemic is creating all these different, new scenarios as well.

“I really don't know what to say other than that it's positive that he can now rejoin his teammates in our practice center and train and gives us more touch points with him and we'll go from there.”

When Kyrie will report for work at the Nets' "private office" remains to be seen. 

Photo Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports