Nets James Harden Sick and Tired of Being Picked On By Refs

Brooklyn Nets superstar James Harden just wants the refs to watch and call the game as they see it. Harden feels he's being zeroed in on and is sick and tired of being on the wrong side of officiating.

So far in 2021-22 Harden has struggled to his standards and it sounds like he's thinking its the refs that are causing the issues. He has yet to see a ton of trips to the charity stripe and Harden is feeling like he's the poster boy for the new rule changes. 

Harden met with the media over the weekend and had this to say on being pointed out:

Yeah, for sure. But I'm not the type to complain about it, you know what I mean? I just ask every official, if they see a foul, just call the foul. Sometimes I feel like coming into a game, it's already predetermined, or I already have that stigma of getting foul calls. But I just ask for officials to call what they see

So far this season Harden is averaging 18.3 points per game. He's averaging three free throws per game so far this campaign, where normally he's pushing nine or 10. Bad officiating or better defense? You be the judge, we all know how Harden feels.

Photo credit:  Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports