LeBron James Suspended After Smash To The Face Sparks Wild Brawl in Detroit

Call it Malice At The Palace revisited. When LeBron James smacked the Detroit Pistons' Isaiah Stewart in the eye, sending pools of blood streaming down his face, all hell broke loose at Detroit's Little Caesar's Arena. 

Jostling for position after a free throw, James swung at Stewart's face, sending Stewart into full-on battle mode. He tried to break free from several teammates, coaches and referees to get at LeBron several times. Over the arena PA, the announcer can be heard shouting to fans "Fans, stay in your seats! Do NOT enter the floor!" 

Of course, almost exactly 17 years ago, the biggest on-floor brawl in NBA history occurred at Detroit's Palace arena, when fans and players brawled brutally on the court and in the stands. The Malice At The Palace had its sequel Sunday night at Little Caesar's Arena, but thankfully with no fans involved.

Here's another angle of Stewart, after it appeared he was leaving the court, charging back across the floor to try to get at LeBron.

 On this view, you get a sense of how hard LeBron pops Stewart in the face:

James was assessed a flagrant 2 and ejected, along with Stewart who received two technical fouls for "multiple unsportsmanlike acts during the altercation." 

LeBron has been suspended for one game by the NBA, while Stewart will have to sit out two games, as the league announced its discipline late Monday. 

The full incident can be seen here