NBA Postpones Five Games

The Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Atlanta Hawks, Brooklyn Nets vs. Denver Nuggets and New Orleans Pelicans vs. Philadelphia 76ers matchups for Sunday have all been postponed. The same has not only been done for Monday's contest between the Orlando Magic and Toronto Raptors, but also Tuesday's Nets vs. Washington Wizards game as well.

When looking at all of the players who are currently in COVID protocols, it isn't all that surprising. The Cavaliers had five more players enter protocols on Sunday alone, while the Hawks just lost Trae Young to it as well. Meanwhile in Brooklyn, 10 players are currently sidelined because of it, which include Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. The 76ers and Magoc also have numerous players out because of both COVID and injuries. To avoid spreading the virus as best as they can, it makes sense for the league to reschedule these games. 

It seems that this issue is one that is not only just beginning for not only the NBA, but every other sports league. Due to this, one has to wonder if we could see some teams shut down in the near future. When seeing as how some NBA teams have more than half of their roster currently out, it may be an idea worth considering.

Alas, we'd like to send our best wishes for those are currently out due to the virus.

Photo Credit: © Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports