NBA Rumors: Kyrie Irving Could Take 'Plant-Based' Vaccine In The Works


According to a new report, Kyrie Irving has gone vegan.  

Bally Sports says he's adopted a 100% plant-based diet, and could possibly be swayed to take a plant-based vaccine. One such option is going through clinical trials currently. 

The Canadian biotech company, according to Bally Sports, has more than 30,000 people taking part in their clinical trials. They hope to get approval in Japan by March 2022. 

According to another report in the New York Post, the current available vaccines are tested on animals. Perhaps, they speculate, Kyrie is opposed to that, given his newfound vegan status. 

In the meantime, in addition to eating no meat or dairy, Irving has been working out on his own, doing cardio, training, and meditation. According to the Bally Sports source, “This is the happiest that I’ve seen Kyrie in years."

How does Nets' head coach Steve Nash feel about the vegan vaccine possibility?

“If we get the gift of his return, we’ll be ecstatic, but we can’t count on it. We can’t wait for him."

Photo Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports