Two Free Agents Are Waiting For Emergency Call From Lakers


The Los Angeles Lakers continue their disappointing season, and there are no shortage of former NBA players who feel they can come to their rescue. As players are signed left and right on "hardship" contracts, count two more still-unattached names among those urging the Lakers to call: Iman Shumpert and Michael Beasley. 

The 33-year-old Beasley was last seen in the NBA with the Lakers in 2018-19. He has literally tweeted at the Lakers official Twitter account this week looking for work:

And he followed that up when asked straight up if he thinks he can help the team.

As for Shumpert, he laid out his case on a recent appearance on a podcast:

“That’s on Bron, man. Bron know where I’m at," said Shumpert. "Bron, you know what time it is, man. That’s on you. You know who you can call. Melo, too. It ain’t just on Bron, I lied: Melo, that’s on you too. I don’t want to hear nothing about y’all little defensive issues and leadership and veteran issues. I don’t want to hear that out of them two.”

Funny thing about Shumpert's case, however, is he also threw a bit of shade LeBron's way this past week.

The Lakers are currently riding a 5-game losing streak, and sitting in 9th in the Western Conference. Their first shot at a hardship deal was given to Isaiah Thomas, who has since been released. Darren Collison, Stanley Johnson, and Jemerrio Jones are currently with the team on Covid-replacement 10-day contracts. 

Photo Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports