Former Sixer Charles Barkley Gives His Opinion On Ben Simmons

NBA on TNT analyst and Hall-of-Fame player Charles Barkley has never been known to bite his tongue.  The 58-year-old was known for his quick wit during his playing days, and that has translated into a successful television career where his producers (thankfully) just let him be himself, even if he maybe makes an uncomfortable joke or two.  Many fans of the NBA today may not be as familiar with his playing career as they are with his television career but don't be fooled - Charles Barkley was a mean machine on the basketball court.

Despite having a wide, muscular frame, at 6'6", Barkley was undersized at the power forward position, becoming the shortest player to lead the league in rebounding - a record which still stands today.  The "Round Mound of Rebound" also won MVP honors in 1993 with the Phoenix Suns, and is ranked 19th all-time with 12,546 career rebounds.  

Prior to his MVP season with the Suns, Sir Charles played 8 seasons in front of the same Philadelphia 76ers crowd that Ben Simmons does (or did), and he says there is no way that the 76ers fans will ever forgive Ben, and that a trade is inevitable.  TMZ Sports caught up with Barkley, and he had some telling things to say about Philadelphia and their fanbase:

He's never going to play another game in Philly, the fans won't forgive him.
They have to make a trade, you have to move on from a bad relationship. They're not using him and Joel Embiid has been playing great this year, so they're wasting his talents.
Check out the full video below:

Barkley goes on to quip "I know those fans very well, I thought my name was Charles Barkley Son of a Bitch for a long time when I was there."  

Photo Credit:© Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports