Julius Randle to Knicks Fans - "Shut the F*** Up"

Warning: Story contains coarse language

New York Knicks forward Julius Randle has decided to play this season pissed off and that includes at his home town fans. After we reported on his bad attitude on Thursday the Knicks hosted the Boston Celtics in what turned out to be a thriller of a ball game and every time Randle scored a bucket you could see him giving the thumbs down to the fans. Turns out there's a reason.

Randle met with the media after the game to open up about why he's dropping the thumbs down to fans and had this to say:

Shut the fuck up. You saw that. You saw what was going on with that.

So there's certainly more to the story. Word is the Knicks faithful at MSG on Thursday were booing the team early in the game as they trailed by as much as 25 points. Randle didn't like what he was hearing and once the team started turning it around it didn't think the fans should be allowed to now cheer after blasting the team with boos earlier in the contest.

The Knicks forward struggled on Thursday early on in the game but managed to score 15 points in the second half and then RJ Barrett took over from there including one of the best buzzer beaters of the season.

Seems as though Randle is following the New York Mets lead as the baseball team was using the thumbs down during last season after their fans would boo them on a regular basis.  

Photo credit: Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports