Video: Pacers' Goga Bitadze Gets Posterized, Then Ejected

It's hard to think of a play in the NBA that could possibly be worse than getting dunked on and then ejected immediately after.  Not only did you just get humiliated in front of potentially millions of fans watching at home and on YouTube afterwards, but you don't even get a chance to enact any form of revenge.  That was exactly what happened on Thursday night to Indiana Pacers' center Goga Bitadze during a 121-117 win over the Golden State Warriors.  The offending party was Gary Payton II, the 29-year-old son of the 90s basketball legend Gary Payton who has a little more hops than his father did.  Watch Gary get up for this left-handed stuff on the 6'11" Bitadze:

The big man didn't appreciate the staredown, and he responded by getting in Payton's face and bumping heads with the 29-year-old guard which resulted in an embarrassing ejection for the 22-year-old from Serbia.  

Next time just put your head down and say you'll get em' next time down the floor.

Here's another crazy poster dunk from Gary Payton II earlier this season:

Photo Credit: © D. Ross Cameron-USA TODAY Sports