"We didn't see eye to eye? F**k it!. I Appreciate You!!": KAT Shows Jimmy Butler Some Love

Karl Anthony-Towns is making the most of his time in isolation on health and safety protocols. He's getting out his thoughts on players around the league. And he's not holding much back. This time, he's sending some "flowers" to his old nemesis/slash/teammate in Minnesota, Jimmy Butler. 

“Thank you Jimmy, appreciate you. We didn't see eye to eye? F**k it! No matter that we didn't see eye to eye…We got the job done on the court. We gave the Wolves a chance to be in the playoffs. We did that."

Of course, in the basketball world, some would say that KAT's goals should maybe be focused a bit higher than just "a chance to be in the playoffs." In fact, the team's inability to raise its game is the reason Butler went all scorched earth on them at practice in 2018, calling out all his Timberwolves teammates and demanding a trade.

But in real life, with death and despair all around him—Anthony-Towns has lost no less than 7 (SEVEN) family members to COVID, including his mother—he's decided to make some amends.

"Y'all wanna spread so much negativity... and I hate that sh*t. Aiight.. y'all wanna spread negativity, I wanna spread love. I wanna spread appreciation, flowers. Let's get flowers more. We losing people every day. Y'all spreading negativity every day, I'm not here for that. That's bullsh*t.

"I told Jimmy to his face, (you know) that little player meeting after that practice?... I told him, 'we don't gotta see eye to eye, you don't gotta f*ck with me I don't gotta f*ck with you, it's cool. At the end of the day, when you've got that jersey on, Jimmy, I'm gonna respect you as my teammate, brother. You wearing that jersey still? I got you."

Last week, KAT made headlines with his all-too-honest thoughts about a controversial Lakers player.

Photo Credit: Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports