"It's Gonna Be Scary": Ben Simmons Talks About His Fit On The Nets

Ben Simmons has addressed the media for the first time as a Brooklyn Net. He seemed anxious to get out on the floor with his new running mates. He was asked about his fit playing with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving: 

"I think it's gonna be scary. Having those guys running alongside me...there's multiple different weapons on the floor, and I think at the pace we wanna play at, it's gonna be unreal."

Asked to reflect on the reasons for his wanting to get out of Philly, he claimed it wasn't about the fans, the coach, or anything about that Game 7 loss last year in which he wouldn't take a shot in the 4th quarter. He said it wasn't one thing, it was just that he couldn't be "himself" anymore. 

"It was just piled up," he said,  "... to where I just knew I wasn't myself and I needed to get back into that place ... being happy as a person." He said that for me, the mental health has nothing to do with the trade.

“I’ve had some dark times these last six months and I’m just happy to be in this situation with this team and organization."

The game that everyone has circled on their calendar is March 10th, when the Nets travel to Philly to take on the team that Simmons couldn't wait to get away from. He was asked if he'll be mentally and physically ready for that one. His answer: "I hope so."