Kevin Durant on James Harden Trade: "I think everyone got what they wanted"

The Brooklyn Nets and the Philadelphia 76ers made a blockbuster trade Thursday afternoon, with All-Stars James Harden and Ben Simmons being the focal points of the deal.  The Sixers also acquired veteran forward Paul Millsap while the Nets also added Seth Curry, Andre Drummond, and two first-round picks.  

The deal came seemingly out of nowhere over the last few days when James Harden made it known to those close to him that he wanted out of Brooklyn and wanted to play in Philadelphia alongside Joel Embiid.  The trade comes just one year after he was traded to Brooklyn from Houston midseason, and the former MVP is quickly garnering a reputation as someone you can't build a team around because one day he might decide he doesn't want to play there anymore.

Following Thursday's trade deadline was the NBA All-Star draft featuring team captains LeBron James and Kevin Durant making their selections for the upcoming All-Star Game in Cleveland.  Prior to the evening's events, the NBA on TNT crew asked both LeBron and KD what their thoughts were on the aforementioned trade.  Durant didn't take the opportunity to bury his old teammate, instead focusing on the excitement within Brooklyn and commenting that he thought "everyone got what they wanted."

Check out Durant and James' full answers in this clip (video is cued up to when Durant is asked about the trade):

Durant was fairly diplomatic in his answer but this is surely not going to be the last time he is asked about the James Harden trade.  Durant remained stonefaced throughout the draft as well while Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith, Ernie Johnson, and Shaquille O'Neal ridiculed Harden - much to the enjoyment of LeBron James who was laughing it up with the rest of them.  

Stay tuned for more Durant/Harden drama.

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