"You Just A Flat Out Hater!": Kevin Durant Blasts Stephen A. Smith For His "KD/Kyrie Narrative"

First Kevin Durant was criticized for joining a superteam in Golden State in order to win his two championships; Now, ESPN's Stephen A. Smith is ripping KD for his decision to leave Steph Curry and Co. in order to team up with his buddy, and part-time player Kyrie Irving. This morning, Durant fired back at Stephen A. 

Smith had said on ESPN that "if you lose (in Brooklyn), especially if Steph Curry wins (the title this year), you're going to be known more for departing and electing to leave Steph Curry to join Kyrie Irving than you might be recognized for the 2 NBA championships." 

Durant: "It’s gonna be hard to box the god in"

Durant's original reply was simply one word, "Egregious". But this morning KD expounded on that: "Steve, since u decided to use ESPN to push your personal agendas, I'm sure your minions will run with this story for you, but if u believe this is what my career is defined by then you just a flat out hater. It’s gonna be hard to box the god in."

Sounds like Durant might be using Stephen A.'s words to fire himself up. Scary hours for the rest of the East if this is true. Of course, that'll have to wait a while, since Durant is expected to be out for about another 3 weeks while rehabbing an MCL sprain. The Nets have taken a serious nosedive in his absence, currently on an 8-game losing streak, and have dropped to 7th in the East. Even with part-time player Kyrie.