Caruso Reveals Allen Did Not Reach Out Following Injury


In an interview with JJ Redick on his podcast "The Old Man and the Three" last Friday, Chicago Bulls guard Alex Caruso revealed that Grayson Allen did not contact him whatsoever following the incident between the two back in January.

In a game between Caruso's Bulls and Allen's Bucks on January 21st, Allen committed a hard foul on Caruso whilst he was mid-air attempting a layup, causing him to crash down and subsequently fracture his right wrist. The play resulted in surgery and a seven-week absence for Caruso. Allen was issued a flagrant foul, and was later suspended for one game.

 During an appearance on Redick's podcast, Caruso clarified that Allen did not reach out to apologize following the incident.

"I never actually had a conversation with him, or a text or phone call, so that's still kind of up in the air," Caruso said while discussing the play. He added, "The past is the past, it is what is is. I don't really expect one."

The foul was yet another unsportsmanlike incident for Grayson Allen, someone who has become very notorious for making dirty plays throughout his time in college and the NBA. Back in his junior season at Duke, he was suspended by the team for intentionally tripping an opponent in a game against Elon. He was also ejected from an NBA Summer League game in 2019 for committing two flagrant fouls in a matter of 7 seconds. It's become apparent that Allen often lacks respect for others on the court, and now it appears this extends off the court as well. 

Photo Credit: © Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports