Former NBA All-Star Goes On All-Time Rant On Twitter

Former Phoenix Suns All-Star and 16-year NBA great Shawn Marion is not happy about people disrespecting his awkward shooting form. And he took to a Twitter Space to state how he feels... in no uncertain terms. His profanity-laced tirade is an all-time rant, but before you hit play, be warned that this is definitely NSFW:

After getting dissed for his unorthodox shot, Marion, who averaged 15.2 points and 8.7 rebounds in his long and illustrious career, absolutely destroyed his detractors.

They talk about my motherf***ing shot," Marion said. "Don't nobody in the f***ing league shoot the same. Get the f*** out of here! I'm shooting 35-40% from the f***ing 3-point line at one point in my career! I was a very consistent jump shooter, so you want to sit there and tell me you want to talk about my motherf***ing shot, but don't want to talk about everything else I do on the f***ing floor? 

Get the f*** out of here. Suck my d***. Like, seriously.

At the peak of his career, The Matrix was averaging about 20 points, 11 rebounds, a block and a half per game, while playing elite All-NBA defense. He was two-time All-NBA, and a four-time All-Star. 

He no doubt has a right to be peeved for those who only want to clown him for his shooting form. Which, by the way, looked like this:

But what Marion should be remembered for, is everything else he could do on the floor. Like this