It's Official: Isaiah Thomas Has a Full-Time NBA Job

With the way he's performed in his 7-game trial, it was merely a formality for Isaiah Thomas to be offered a contract for the rest of the season by the Charlotte Hornets. Today, it became official. 

After the second of his two 10-day contracts expired with the Hornets today, the team ensured the 5'9" sparkplug was around for the rest of the regular season. A team can only sign a player to two regular 10-days before having to sign him to a standard contract or letting him go. In Thomas' case, it was an easy call.

The Hornets have won 5 games in a row, with IT providing a charge off the bench. Tuesday night, he cinched his new contract by pouring in 15 points in just 14 minutes, helping Charlotte to a win over the New Orleans Pelicans. 

Thomas is grateful for the opportunity.

 "I see all the love, and that sh*t goes a long way because I was down and out a little bit," Thomas said. "But I never quit, and it's gonna come back around. I know it is, because I never cheated the game. Everywhere I go in the league, players, coaching staff, everybody's like, 'your story is inspiring'. That's what keeps me going."  

In his 7 games with the Hornets, the former two-time NBA All-Star has averaged 9.9 points in just about 13 minutes a game, and has provided an important veteran leadership role for the young team in the locker room.  

Photo Credit: Brian Westerholt-USA TODAY Sports