Ben Simmons Going After $20 Million from the Philadelphia 76ers

Just when the Philadelphia 76ers thought they got rid of Ben Simmons and all the head aches, turns out that's not the case at all. The Brooklyn Nets forward has filed a grievance for nearly $20 million in salary withheld by the team earlier this season. This according to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski.

The arbitration process is set to kick off soon and Simmons has the full support of the NBAPA with this complaint. It's certainly wasn't an ideal situation from anyone involved and appears it's no where close to being over. Simmons hasn't played in one game this season for either team, while the 25-year-old is apparently getting close in Brooklyn.

He's become a punchline across the NBA which truly is a sad narrative considering the talented point-forward has an unbelievable skill set. While some are citing his sitting on the bench for two years as the issue with his current back alignment, it turns out Simmons does have a herniated spinal disk which was diagnosed in March.

Hopefully the Nets can get Simmons inserted into the lineup to see what he can do alongside both Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. If all three are healthy and focused, the sky is the limit in Brooklyn. But first, Simmons is going after his money from Philly.

Photo credit:  Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports