Cleveland Cavaliers Sign Guard

The Cleveland Cavaliers are bringing back RJ Nembhard, as they have signed the 23-year-old to a two-way contract. 

Nembhard was just released from his standard NBA contract last week to open up a roster spot for Moses Brown. Yet, even with this being so, the team has still decided to bring the guard back on this two-way deal. 

Nembhard has played in 13 games with Cleveland this season, where he has averaged 1.2 points, 0.5 rebounds, and 0.9 assists. Overall, he hasn't been too dominant, but it will be intriguing to see how much he improves as his career carries on. 

Although Nembhard will not be able to play for the Cavaliers during the play-in round, this signing does open the door for the possibility of him being with the team next season. Time will tell on that front. 

Photo Credit: © Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports