Kevin Durant Comments on if Teams Are Tanking to Avoid Nets


    The Brooklyn Nets finally look healthy and are playing with two of their superstars on a consistent basis. Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are playing together for more games at a time near the end of the season than what was happening at the start of the year. Looking forward to the playoffs, the matchup for any team facing the Nets will prove to be difficult. However, Durant had some interesting comments on if teams are tanking in the Eastern Conference to avoid the Nets in the first round.

    Durant has been playing really well for the Nets as of late and had another stellar performance in a win against the Cavaliers on Friday night with 36 points. In the post-game conference alongside Irving, a reporter asked Durant about other teams in the East tanking to avoid the Nets. Durant mentioned that he, "doesn't believe teams are doing that." In fact, he mentioned that he thinks teams, "are just trying to make sure guys are healthy going into the playoffs." He later added that he doesn't think teams are, "really worried about us, to be honest."

    Durant might be right in this case, but it would be hard to believe that teams would want to face a healthy Durant and Irving in the first round. The matchups are not set yet, but whether the Nets fall to 7th or 8th in the Eastern Conference, the Heat might have their hands full, and possibly the Bucks who will be looking at a rematch of last year's thriller.

Photo Credit © Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports