Shaq Says He'd Coach The Lakers On One Condition

Shaquille O'Neal is a Los Angeles Lakers (and NBA) legend. He has a cushy job sitting on the Inside The NBA desk on TNT. Would he take on the stressful challenge of coaching the Lakers? He says sure, but it would take $100M.  

"If they offered me $25M a year for 4 years, I'd coach the Lakers," said Shaq on The Big Podcast with Shaq.  

But it was only last week that O'Neal ripped the Lakers (also on his own podcast), calling their coaching gig "a terrible job". And when asked about Frank Vogel learning that he was fired on Twitter, he added, "I would have quit, I would have been l like 'I quit, and all the other coaches thinking about coming and taking this job, don't waste your time.'"

He even roasted the Lakers by saying about Vogel, "he was done dirty."

Also last week, an anonymous coach's agent said “Is the Lakers’ job that attractive? I’m not so sure it is. But someone will take the job.”

If Rob Pelinka and Co. want that 'someone' to be Shaquille O'Neal, they know where to find him. And now they know how much it'll cost them.