"Bench Decorum" Violations Cost Mavericks

The Dallas Mavericks, as noted by ESPN's Tim MacMahon, "pride themselves on having the NBA's most boisterous bench." Led by inactive guard Theo Pinson, the Mavs' bench bunch are usually on their feet for most of the game, and like to make life hell for the opposition. Unfortunately, according to the NBA, they've taken it a little too far, and have been slapped with a $25,000 fine "for violating league rules related to bench decorum."

The rowdy behavior that got the league's back up occurred in Game 2 of their series with the Phoenix Suns. Several players and a coach were "encroaching upon the playing court" on several occasions, violating the league's bench conduct rules. 

Tim Hardaway Jr., who's out with an injury, and is now part of the bench gang, says their job is to be "energy-givers", or as MacMahon wrote, "a blend of assistant coach and antagonist."

Pinson, who's ineligible for the playoffs as he's on a two-way contract, explains that their trash-talking gives the Mavs an advantage. Probably more s—t talking than coaching,” Pinson says. “We just try to do everything we can to help our teammates. We just want to give ourselves an advantage. We’re causing a problem for the other team, just mentallyI don’t see other teams doing what we do.” 

Apparently, if the results of the first two games of this series are any indication—the Suns lead 2-0—the Mavericks' "energy-givers" are going to have to give just a bit more if Dallas is going to get back into the series. 

And if they do, perhaps another fine from the league office would be well worth it. 

Photo Credit:  Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports