"CP Can’t Guard Nobody Man!": Patrick Beverley SLAMS Chris Paul After Suns Blowout Loss

Even though the Minnesota Timberwolves bowed out of the NBA playoffs a couple of weeks ago, Patrick Beverley is still jawing about the postseason happenings. He's come out ripping Chris Paul after the Suns were demolished in Game 7 of their second-round series by the Dallas Mavericks. 

CP can’t guard nobody man. Everybody in the NBA knows that. He’s a cone... Give him the Ben Simmons slander.

Wow. And Pat Bev didn't stop there. Speaking on ESPN's Get Up Monday morning, he said the Suns should have benched CP3, not Deandre Ayton.

"As a coach you have to understand, 'they're attacking my main guy, I can't get buckets from him, I have to make an adjustment.'"

Paul, the 37-year-old 12-time All-Star, and a future Hall of Famer, finished the game with 10 points, and was a minus-39. And don't tell Pat Bev that he deserves to win a championship. He even called out a former NBAer on Twitter on that point. 

Beverley retorted to Jeremy Lin's statement, saying he hopes CP3 wins a title someday, by writing "What u mean deserve why does he deserves it more??"

Nobody brings the shade quite like Pat Bev.