Doc Rivers on The MVP Race: "This Whole Analytical Driven Society is Out of Control"

The NBA MVP is one of the most prestigious awards given out to a player for the regular season. In 2021-2022 the three finalists were Joel Embiid, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Nikola Jokic. For Embiid it would be his first MVP award while Antetokounmpo would win a third and Jokic would go back to back. After Jokic was named MVP, coach Doc Rivers of the 76ers spoke out on Embiid not winning the award. Rivers says that "...this whole analytical driven society is out of control."

Rivers, a former player turned coach, had more to say about the selection of the MVP award while praising his star center Embiid. In fact, he was more explicit and said how he would decide on the award, "Like, watch the dang game and decide is what I've always said."
Although Rivers has a point, it is far more difficult than just watching the game. Analytics does have a part to play in the decision, especially considering team success and player success. Jokic, who had to play the entire season without two of the Denver Nuggets' best players in Jamal Murray and Michael Porter Jr. due to injury, led the team to the 6th seed in the Western Conference. The Nuggets were eliminated in the first round of the playoffs against the Golden State Warriors. 

Rivers eventually mentions the fact that it is a difficult award to decide on because all three finalists had stellar seasons. Nonetheless, Rivers and Embiid are in the second round of the playoffs against the Miami Heat in a series that is tied 2-2. Game five of the series is tonight and the 76ers look to take the lead. 

Photo Credit © Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports