NBA Rumors: Thunder Could Move Lu Dort Before Draft

The Oklahoma City Thunder are definitely a team to watch as we approach the NBA Draft next week. Not only for the number of picks they hold in this and upcoming draft years, but also as a trade partner. 

And while the Thunder look to nab all the young talent they can, other teams might be looking at an opening to get an NBA-ready player off the OKC roster for the right pick swap.

According to Bleacher Report's Jake Fischer, "there has been increasing talk about Portland potentially targeting the seventh selection to Oklahoma City for No. 12 and a package that could include Lu Dort."

Moving up five spots could be tantalizing for the Thunder, who already own the No. 2 pick as well. 

Dort had his best season as a pro this year, setting personal highs in scoring (17.2 points per game), rebounding (4.2), and free throw shooting (84.3%). 

Although he's only 6'3", he has a 6'8" wingspan, and weighs in at 215. He also has potential from the three-point line, which he improved as the season went along. He missed the last two months of the season due to shoulder surgery, but he's expected to be fully recovered by training camp.