NBA Rumors: Insider Says Nets "Don't Have An Understanding" Of Why Durant Wants Out

Kevin Durant's trade request hit like a ton of bricks. But no one, as of yet, has heard from KD as to why he wants out. In fact, according to ESPN's NBA Insider Brian Windhorst, even the NETS don't know why:

"Nobody knows what Kevin Durant is thinking right now. His communication with teammates and others in the league has been sparse. I don't even think that the Nets have a 100% understanding of why Kevin asked for a trade," said Windhorst.

"He spoke to Joe Tsai and gave a reason, but I'm not sure the Nets are 100% on the understanding of it... There may be a terrifically great reason why Durant made this choice, but it hasn't been articulated anywhere."

ESPN's Dave McMenamin actually said over the weekend that he believed that KD's trade request "wasn't actually about him getting out of Brooklyn. It was about getting Kyrie Irving out of Brooklyn!"

Windhorst isn't sure he agrees, but as he said, nobody really knows. Windy gets the final word for now:

"I think we're going to have to wait to hear from Kevin Durant about how open he is to running it back with the Nets."