NBA Rumors: The Latest On The Market For Collin Sexton

The Cleveland Cavaliers would like to re-sign restricted free agent Collin Sexton, and Sexton would like to return to Cleveland, but talks between the two sides seem to be at a standstill, reports Cavs beat writer Chris Fedor. 

Speaking on The Wine & Gold Talk Podcast, Fedor said, "the sense that I get is that there is no rush from the Cavs, and there is no rush from Collin and his camp" to get something done. That would be because of the difference in opinion on Sexton's value. The Cavaliers have offered a 3-year, $40M deal—about $13M per season—while Sexton fancies himself more in the $20M per year territory. 

Most observers tend to agree with Sexton's camp.

But according to Fedor, any other potential suitors seem to have “vanished quickly, especially during the NBA draft.

"I think Collin and his camp recognize that there just isn't a market out there... He has no market and he has no other offers...  They need something to happen around the NBA to change the status quo," referring to possible trades around Kevin Durant, Donovan Mitchell or Kyrie Irving, which could have "a domino effect with other teams" and free up some pressing need for a Collin Sexton. 

In the meantime, "the Cavs aren't going to bid against themselves."

Photo Credit: Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports