NBA Rumors: Deandre Ayton Deal "Very Close"

With the Kevin Durant trade talks still stalled due to the asking price, teams are being forced to move on. The Phoenix Suns, Durant's first choice of destination, can't wait much longer to decide on the future of restricted free agent Deandre Ayton. Now, according to NBA Insider Brian Windhorst, a sign-and-trade for Ayton is imminent.

“We believe that the Indiana Pacers are very close to giving Deandre Ayton an offer sheet or executing a sign-and-trade," reported Windhorst this morning. "We could see something with the Pacers and Ayton as early as today.”

Naturally, with Pacers' center Myles Turner firmly on the trade block, as he's been for some time now, it seems like a natural fit to send the Pacer big man to Phoenix in return, as part of a package. But an outright offer sheet from Indiana—no trade needed—is on the table as well. 

The Malcolm Brogdon trade to Boston, says Windhorst, opened up "almost enough cap space" to give Ayton the max contract he's been looking for. 

Photo Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports