NBA Rumors: Surprising New Team Enters Durant Talks

We've all heard the likely contenders for Kevin Durant: Phoenix Suns, Miami Heat, Golden State Warriors... even the Toronto Raptors and New Orleans Pelicans are said to be in the hunt with attractive packages they could put together. 

But if you look on Kevin Durant's basketball reference page, right up near the top where they list the place of birth, you'll notice it says "Washington, District of Columbia." Is it possible that he might be interested in a return home? 

According to a report by Sam Amico of Hoops Wire, "several sources even have told Hoops Wire to keep an eye on the Wizards, who could make a major push. Durant is a DC product. He may not be upset about playing at home alongside Bradley Beal.”

It's unclear what "a major push" from the Wizards would look like, particularly without three-time All-Star—their only All-Star—Bradley Beal involved. The Nets have repeatedly said they are only interested in a deal that lands them at least one All-Star. 

We saw what the insane asking price was that the Nets set in their talks with the Minnesota Timberwolves. 

How the Wiz could match or surpass that is anyone's guess.