NBA Rumors: Warriors "Team To Keep An Eye On" For Kevin Durant

"The one team, I'm tellin' ya guys, to keep an eye on, is the Golden State Warriors."

That's the word today from NBA Insider Marc Spears, who says the defending NBA champs, and the team that Kevin Durant won two Finals MVPs with, are definitely "interested" in bringing back KD.

Spears says it's no surprise that the Warriors are interested, and submits that a potential trade offer — the best package the Nets could receive, in his mind — would be a deal that would send Jordan Poole, Andrew Wiggins, Jonathan Kuminga and James Wiseman to Brooklyn. 

The Nets have said, according to Spears, that they want a young All-Star (Wiggins), perhaps a future All-Star (Poole), and picks and pick swaps. With those four players going back, he says "if I'm the Nets, I'd be very very happy."

As for Durant and the Warriors? "He knows how the offense works, he knows how to win a championship there."

Summing up, Spears said, "With each passing day that this carries on... in terms of a young haul, in terms of people being happy on both sides, the Golden State option is the best option."

Photo Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports