Report: NBA To Slap Knicks With Tampering Charges Over Brunson Signing

The Dallas Mavericks are "frustrated" with the New York Knicks. Free agent point guard Jalen Brunson allegedly decided to sign with the Knicks before free agency officially opened. Reports are that the NBA agrees, and is about to hit up the Knicks for tampering. 

Fred Katz of The Athletic reports on the Mavs' concerns about violations that took place. 

From what I’ve gathered, the Mavericks are quite frustrated with the Knicks — and not just because reports of a finished deal came out before New York was even allowed to speak with Brunson (though I am not sure how tampering rules account for father-son relationships, and this situation involves two of those). Dallas wasn’t thrilled about Knicks executive William “World Wide Wes” Wesley showing up courtside to a Mavs-Jazz playoff game, either.

As Katz alluded to, Jalen Brunson's father Rick is now an assistant coach for the Knicks, and team president Leon Rose is known to be like "family" to the Brunsons. How far can tampering reach into 'family relationships' is really the question here. 

However it all went down, Katz concludes that New York can expect a call from the league:

People I talk to around the league expect the Knicks to get dinged for tampering.

 Of course, there were many other deals announced, as always, right at the stroke of 6pm ET last Thursday, the moment that free agency opened. How will the NBA deal with those teams?

Photo Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports