NBA Rumors: LeBron James Has 3 Options On Potential Extension

"In some form" is the key phrase in a report that indicates that LeBron James is likely to stay in Los Angeles and sign an extension with the Los Angeles Lakers in some form.

As of today, he's eligible for a 2-year, $97M extension. But according to NBC Sports NBA Insider Kurt Helin, he isn't likely to sign right away, and there are three options he's considering. 

1) Ignore it, don’t sign it, and become a free agent next summer.
2) Sign it for the full two years and lock himself in with the Lakers until age 40.
3) Sign for one additional year, or one year with a player option for the second year (a 1+1).

Helin's sources indicate that Option 3 (a 1+1 contract) is the most likely outcome, as it (a) allows him the flexibility to leave after the first year of the extension, to join his son Bronny on whatever team he's drafted by in the 2024 Draft, and (b) he can use the out for "leverage" to put more pressure on the Lakers to get "what he wants out of the organization."

But he won't sign anything quickly, according to the reports. "He may well milk the leverage to send a message about roster changes," adds Helin.

In the end, Lakers fans can expect to see LeBron in the Purple & Gold for the immediate future. 

Photo: Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports