NBA Rumors: Two Knicks Reportedly Not Available In Trades

The 'Donovan Mitchell to the New York Knicks' trade rumors have run from hot to cold over the past month or so, but one name we've always heard as a prefered player that the Utah Jazz want back as part of any Knicks' package is Quentin Grimes. Now, according to a report from The Athletic's Tony Jones on HoopsHype, the Knicks have made Grimes—and Derrick Rose—unavailable in deals.

"The Knicks don’t want to unload Derrick Rose," says Jones. "He’s long been a favorite of (Knicks head coach) Tom Thibodeau. I know the Knicks want to hang onto him and Grimes. Those guys are priorities."

The Jazz are reportedly looking for, in addition to oodles and oodles of draft picks, "young guys on short or rookie contracts," says Jones. That, essentially, would mean Obi ToppinImmanuel Quickley and Quentin Grimes

"They’re good young players, and the Knicks want to protect those guys," reiterated Jones. "The Knicks don’t necessarily want to put in their young guys."

Perhaps this is why the Knicks/Jazz talks have stalled. 

Would the Knicks put the kibosh on a Donovan Mitchell trade to hang on to Grimes? 

This will be an interesting story to watch as we get closer to training camp in just over six weeks.

Photo: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports