Bulls Get Bad Injury News On Lonzo Ball

After an injury-riddled campaign last season, this is not what the Chicago Bulls wanted to hear just a few weeks from the start of training camp. Point guard Lonzo Ball, still recovering from last year's knee injury, will now be OUT for the entirety of camp. And it could get worse from there. 

Ball is also expected to miss the start of the season.  

Daniel Greenberg reports that he talked to Ball's physical therapy doctor Evan Jeffries about the point guard's slow recovery. He is confused about what's been happening with Ball ever since the rehab process began. "I’m concerned on why the pain is still lingering this far into his recovery every time he has ramped up."

Ball suffered a torn meniscus in January. The hope at the time, after surgery, was that he could return in "6 to 8 weeks", well in time for the playoffs. But "lingering pain and discomfort" has continued to slow his recovery all through the summer, to the point where he'll continue to be a spectator as the Bulls gather to get their 2022-23 campaign underway. 
The Bulls were 27-13 when Ball went down in January, near the top of the Eastern Conference. They struggled to a 19-23 mark without him through the end of the season. 

Bulls fans are resorting to prayers now for their $84M point guard's knee.