Deandre Ayton Makes Staggering Comments About Head Coach: "I Haven't Spoken To Him At All"


If you heard about Phoenix Suns center Deandre Ayton recently, it was most likely about his "gloomy" demeanor during NBA media day this week. 

We might know why that was the case because on Tuesday Ayton revealed that he has not spoken to his head coach Monty Williams once since their defeat in the playoffs last season against the Dallas Mavericks.  

The young star may still be angry at his coach after being benched for the entirety of the second half that ended in a stunning 123-90 loss. 

Ayton was looking visibly frustrated when asked about the communications he's had with his coach during the offseason, according to Suns writer Gerald Bourguet

I haven't spoken to Monty." Ayton said, as he interrupted a reporter's question." No, I haven't spoken to him at all, ever since the game (last season). 

Ayton was then asked if he was happy to be at team practice in which he begrudgingly replied, "Yeah I'm alright." 

However, Ayton spoke on his commitment to his teammates and the Phoenix Suns as whole, stating that he is not playing for himself but rather the entire Suns organization. 

A reporter then asked Ayton what he would tell his coach if they spoke. 

I can show him better than I can tell him. 

The 24-year-old, who inked a four-year, $133 million extension this past offseason, has seemingly given more impressions by the day that he isn't very happy right now, to say the least. 

An unsatisfied Ayton might be more of what's to come as training camp ensues, even after his club matched the offer the Indiana Pacers gave him last summer. 

Although it has been well documented that Ayton was frustrated that his deal took the lengths of an "offer match" for him to even remain a Phoenix Sun. 

The former No.1 overall player in 2018 was also mentioned in Kevin Durant trade rumors before Durant ultimately decided to remain a Brooklyn Net, adding insult to injury.