Durant Calls Out Reporter For 'Twisting His Words' At Media Day

What happens when you gather hundreds of NBA players in cities around the league with hundreds of media members in those cities? You probably get someone thinking they've been taken out of context, or misquoted. Unfortunately, that's the way Kevin Durant saw it, and he was quick to call out a media member for it:

Matt Brooks, reporting for @NetsDaily, posted about KD that in answer to the question "on whether he'll put in another trade request if the Nets struggle?", that Durant answered "I don't feel like I've gotta prove anything to Net fans after 3 years. I'm committed to moving forward with this team. If you've got doubts, that's on you."

Durant blasted back with "This shit here is why I don’t like talkin to lames like you. This isn’t the question he asked but you love engagement on twitter so u will twist shit up." Whoops.

Just so you can judge for yourselves, here is the actual question and answer:

The reporter actually asked "Are you able, today, to provide assurance to Net fans that if there is adversity at some point this season or next offseason that you won't go back to management and ask for a trade again?" 

The only difference was that "if there is adversity" was replaced with "if the Nets struggle." Not too far off. Perhaps KD heard something different? Giving him the benefit of the doubt... It's possible with all the confusion of Media Day. 

The bottom line is, however, that with Durant facing the media for the first time after his summer-long trade request (and demand to have the coach & GM fired)— only to finally recant said requests—it was going to be a combustible mix, any way you look at it. 

The Nets are only hoping that won't be the epitaph on another season for them.