Steve Nash Never Bought The Idea That Kevin Durant Wanted Him Fired

Some may call it denial, but others (such as Steve Nash himself) call it a "family" squabble. Whatever the case, the Brooklyn Nets head coach never quite bought the idea that superstar Kevin Durant wanted him fired, despite KD's very public demand in August.  

I never thought that was 100 percent. There was a lot of things. It's not black and white like that, so there was a lot of factors. A lot of things behind the scenes. A lot of things reported are not accurate. A lot of things that are reported are not 100 percent accurate. So you get fragmented bits of truth. You get things that are flat out not true. It happens. ... So I never really get caught up in all that stuff.

...You just work through it step by step. You don't overreact. We stay calm and work on communication and facts and here we are.

He also added that he was never really bothered by it at all. 

"It does not impact me the way maybe it impacts people on the street or in the media, so it was never really as big a deal to me," said Nash.

"I always thought we'd have our moment, we'd discuss it and we would choose a course and (now) we're fortunate to all be in the gym working together again and excited."

And "that moment" to discuss it came during an August meeting with himself, GM Sean Marks (who Durant also wanted canned), owner Joe Tsai, and KD. It was at that time that Durant rescinded his trade demand and decided to stick it out in Brooklyn.

"It was an opportunity for us to just clear the air and communicate," said Nash. "It was pretty straightforward, it didn't take a lot of time, and we got to the bottom of it and decided to move forward."

Now Nash gets set for his biggest challenge: getting his new 'Big 3' — Durant, Kyrie Irving and Ben Simmons — to reach their potential and make the Nets a serious contender this season.

Photos: Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports, Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports