The Love & The Hate: Ben Simmons Speaks Out On Philadelphia

He speaks! For the first time in seemingly a year and a half, people have seen and heard Ben Simmons speak. Appearing on JJ Redick's The Old Man & The Three podcast, the deposed Philadelphia 76ers guard now with the Brooklyn Nets spoke openly about his feelings on Philly—and it ranges from cursing to loving:

“People in Philly just wanna have something to say about f**king anything man. Literally everything," began Simmons. "I post a picture of a f**king car or dog, I got reporters saying ‘He should be in the f**king gym.’” 

But then the 26-year-old Simmons, who forced his way out of the city by sitting out the entire season last year, just as quickly says he still feels like a part of Philly.

"My experience playing there was for the most part incredible. I had a great time. Fans are unbelievable... I still own some real estate there. So I feel like I'm still a part of Philly... I got friends for life there. So yeah, Philly's great. I don't think people have a thought that I hate it."

Hmm. His actions last year spoke otherwise. Simmons first refused to show up for training camp, then when the fines started piling up, he reported but told the team he was 'mentally unready' to play, and demanded a trade. He eventually got his wish, being dealt to the Brooklyn Nets. Where he continued to be unable to play through the end of the season. 

Sounds like he's ready for a fresh start now.

Simmons says the Nets are "a great fit for what I do. I feel like it’s Philly on steroids. It’s exciting knowing I’m gonna play with those guys.”