NBA Rumors: Proposed Heat/Lakers Blockbuster Involves Kyle Lowry

It would be a trade that would rock both coasts. Both principals have been major disappointments to their respective teams since coming over last season. But according to NBA reporter Ben Stinar of Sports Illustrated's Fan Nation, a trade exchanging Kyle Lowry for Russell Westbrook would work for both teams. 

He claims that Miami could "use the shooting and stability" of Lowry, while the Heat would "know how to use Russ" properly. He calls Westbrook "an All-Star talent still," but just in the wrong fit. 

Some versions of this rumor have the Lakers sending one of their first-round picks (2027 or 2029) plus Westbrook and his expiring $47M deal to South Beach, in exchange for Lowry and Duncan Robinson. 

Robinson has lost a lot of his rotation minutes and is a bit superfluous on a Heat team with so much shooting. He'd be a natural fit, however, for a Lakers team that is so desperate for a sniper. 

Lowry is off to a dreadful start for the Heat, shooting just 28.2% on FG, and 28% on threes. Last season, his first in Miami, he averaged a 12-year low 13.4 points, but still shot 37.7% from long distance. 

For the Heat, they'd get off of the nearly two seasons left of the massive Lowry contract, as well as the 4 years and $70M left on Robinson's deal.

Whatever happens, Stinar says something has to give on the Westbrook front for LA—and quickly.  

 Photo: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports