NBA Rumors: "Significant Trade Action" Coming In NBA This Season

There are two major factors in this unique NBA season that, according to Insider Brian Windhorst, are going to lead to "significant trade action" as the season progresses. 

With so many competing teams tightly bunched, while so many others in tank mode are going after generational talent Victor Wembanyama, Windhorst says teams will be making plenty of moves to jump from one group to the other. 

"While we have those teams that are gonna be in that tanking pool," explains Windhorst, "I suspect we're going to see some teams that are one side completely try to leap to the other... There's gonna be some rapid reevaluation of seasons I suspect and that means that at mid-season, we could see some significant trade action."

The 7'4" Wembanyama is far and away the No. 1 prospect in the 2023 Draft, some say the best prospect since LeBron James. Wemby has what some have called "the scariest skillset we've ever seen."

So as Windhorst suggests, any team that thought they were in the hunt to contend that subsequently falls behind the pack midway through the season is likely to do an about-face and join the Wembanyama tank race by trading away valuable players. 

Should be a fascinating few months up to the trade deadline. 

Photo: Lucas Peltier-USA TODAY Sports