Former First-Rounder Arrested For Second Time In Two Weeks

It's a sad story that never seems to end. Former first-round draft pick and eight-year NBA veteran Delonte West has been arrested for the second time in two weeks in Virginia. 

TMZ reports that Fairfax County Police Dept. officers found the 39-year-old former NBA player “lying next to a car with an open door” in a residential area. He was arrested for being drunk in public. Only two weeks earlier, West was arrested after being found trespassing in a vehicle, then taking off on the cops when they tried to detain him. 

He was charged on that occasion with vehicle trespassing, entering a vehicle, fleeing from law enforcement and being drunk in public.

It's all the latest in a sad string of troubles for the former NBA guard who was the 24th pick in the 2004 NBA Draft. After his playing career ended in 2012, he's continually dealt with mental health struggles, substance abuse and bipolar disorder. He's been seen on streets in the Virginia area panhandling over the years. 

West earned about $16M during his time in the NBA, but according to a report this past summer, had a net worth of just $100.

He last played in 2012 for the Dallas Mavericks. Team owner Mark Cuban tried to help West a couple of years ago by getting him checked into a rehab facility. West appeared to be making some progress, but his addictions and mental health issues seem to have sadly taken hold once again.