NBA Rumors: Lakers Guard Not Named Westbrook Is "Name To Watch" On Trade Front

All year long, the basketball world has been waiting for the shoe to drop on a trade of Russell Westbrook. But according to a new report, another Los Angeles guard — Patrick Beverley — is a "name to watch" as well.

According to Johan Buva of The Athletic, December 15th is the key date to watch, when a whole slew of players around the league who were signed in free agency this summer will become eligible to be traded. The Lakers will be going full bore at that point into investigating the trade market.  

One name to watch is Patrick Beverley, who’s the fourth-highest-paid player on the team at $13 million. Beverley is a still an elite defender and one of the group’s vocal leaders, but he’s averaging a career-low 4.1 points per game and shooting a career-worst 23.8 percent on 3s. Beverley, like Kendrick Nunn, could still have value on teams looking for veteran backcourt help. The Lakers’ needs and glut of guards make both expendable.

Beverley's $13M contract could allow the Lakers to acquire a veteran player with some value. While being the usual aggressive pest that he is on defense, Beverley is having a dreadful year on offense, and is doing nothing for the Lakers' glaring need for shooting, with his 23.8% mark from long distance. He's also averaging, as Buva notes, a career-low 4.1 points, less than half his 10-year mark of 8.7. 

Kendrick Nunn makes $5.25M this season, also on an expiring contract as is Beverley, giving the Lakers over $18M to dangle on the trade market to try to ease their congested backcourt and address their shooting needs. 

Beverley is currently serving a suspension for a violent hit from behind on Deandre Ayton.