Nets Say Irving's Apology Was "A Start", But Much More Needed

It was late at night Thursday, close to midnight, about four hours after he was suspended for five games, when Kyrie Irving finally posted an apology on Instagram for posting a link to an antisemitic film. 

The Nets' 5-game-or-more suspension still stands of course, and GM Sean Marks says the apology is "a step in the right direction" but "certainly not enough" and that there are a number of steps Irving must follow—the remediation measures they spoke of—before he can rejoin the team. 

Specifically, he'll need to meet with Jewish leaders, among other measures. 

“There is going to be some remedial steps and measures that have been put in place for him to, obviously, seek some counseling designated by the team,” Marks said, adding, "dealing with some anti-hate and some Jewish leaders... We’ll evaluate and see if this is the right opportunity to bring him back.

“His actions will speak louder than words. And if he wants to participate in that, we’ll see where it all goes.”

Photo: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports