Post-Game Altercation Between Bucks Star and Sixers Player Explained

Player rivalries have always existed in the NBA. Trash-talk during the game happens quite often. However, post-game altercations after everyone has left the arena rarely occur. Usually, some players like to put up shots after the game if they're disappointed in their performance and are the last players on the court. 
After the Buck-76ers game, Giannis Antetokounmpo was shooting free throws after going 4-15 from the line. That was the difference-maker because the Bucks would go on to lose by eight points. Montrezl Harrell of the Sixers did not want to see that happening on their home court so he took the ball away from him and told him to leave the arena. As a result, Giannis went back into the locker room, got another ball, and went to the other side of the court to shoot. By this point, a Sixers employee had set a ladder to take down the net, and the Bucks star is seen pushing the ladder, which eventually fell, away to continue shooting the ball. 
Giannis has been known to have a quiet demeanor and humble approach to the game. He has been a consummate professional since entering the league. The two-time MVP still doesn't see himself as one of the best players in the NBA and strives to get better. Clearly, his free throws have been one of the biggest issues that he continuously looks to improve on. He is currently shooting 59% to start the year. Therefore, taking some shots after the game shouldn't be a big problem. However, he is now being criticized for his interaction with an arena employee.
Harrell, a former sixth man of the year, was added to the 76ers squad to add grit, physicality, and scoring to the team. He is still trying to find his role and is struggling to make an impact. One thing he has done is possibly get on the nerve of the Bucks star which could turn into an unexpected rivalry. To make matters worse, after Harrell took the ball from Giannis he is seen putting up shots of his own with a Sixers coach rebounding for him.

The Bucks superstar added after the altercation that he feels some people don't "respect the fact that sometimes players want to get some extra work in." 
Harrell had a different account about what happened and supposedly told Giannis that he wanted to work out but "he ignored me."
The altercation could lead to more drama the next time the Bucks-76ers play one another. Seeing as they are both in the Eastern Conference, it could make for some entertaining basketball for the rest of the season and lead into the playoffs. March 4th is the next time they meet, a long time to let things build even more.

Photo credit Eric Hartline / USA Today