Reports Emerge On "Building Frustration" Over Ben Simmons' Availability & Play

It seems to be going from bad to worse for Ben Simmons and the Brooklyn Nets. After an embarrassing 153-121 (yes, 153) loss to the Sacramento Kings on national TV Tuesday night, reports are emerging that there is "building frustration" within the Nets organization over Simmons' availability to play, and his timid performance when he does suit up.

Charania writes in The Athletic:

According to multiple sources with direct knowledge of the situation, the frustration surrounding Simmons had been building in recent weeks within the organization. The coaching staff and players have been concerned about his availability and level of play, with some questioning his passion for the game, those sources said.

Questioning his passion for the game'? You'll have to excuse the Philadelphia 76ers and their fans if they say, 'TOLD YOU SO'. 

Simmons, of course, decided a year ago that he didn't want to play in Philly anymore, and sat out the season, eventually forcing a trade to Brooklyn, where he continued to sit out due to "lack of mental readiness" and then a bad back. 

But even when he's played this year, most of the time, it's been ugly.

Simmons actually has more fouls —37 — than he has field goals and free throws made, COMBINED (33). Yikes.

The Nets are now 6-9 after a couple of blowout losses, and they have what should be a very interesting meeting next week, in Philly against the Sixers. 

Photo: Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports