NBA Rumors: Jae Crowder "As Desirable As Ever"

We've been talking about him since the summer, but Jae Crowder is still sitting at home, waiting for the Phoenix Suns to trade him. Why hasn't it happened yet? According to NBA Insider Shams Charania, it isn't because teams aren't interested in the 10-year veteran. 

There's really no issue with Jae Crowder. The issue's not on his end. When I talk to teams around the league they say he is as desirable as ever. He's a guy that's changed culture for a lot of teams.

Charania goes on to explain, "we've seen what he's done the last three years in the NBA. NBA Finals with the Heat in 2020, NBA Finals in 2021 with Phoenix, and last year was on that team that won 64 games in Phoenix... He's a hard-nosed guy that impacts winning."

So what's the hold up then?

This is really about Phoenix delaying as much as they can to get exactly what they want.

This report flies in the face of a recent rant by a rival NBA general manager, who trashed Crowder savagely. Let's assume Shams didn't speak with that particular exec.

As far as what the Suns as asking for, it seemed they might have had what they wanted in a three-way deal according to recent reports, but one of the other teams demanded too much in return.

Photo: Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports