Tatum Responds to "The Jays" Comparison To "Mike and Scottie"

The Boston Celtics reached the NBA Finals last season but lost to the Golden State Warriors. Coming into this season, the expectations were once again riding high because the Celtics kept their core together. In fact, they were able to add additional pieces like Malcolm Brogdon. Boston is currently in first place in the East and on a three-game winning streak. A huge part of that success has been the stellar play of "The Jays," Jaylen Brown, and Jayson Tatum. Tatum recently responded to their comparison to "Mike and Scottie."

Last night, the Celtics beat the Rockets 126-102 at home, where they are 14-5. Both Tatum and Brown posted a 30+ point game, pouring in 38 and 39 points respectively. During the post-game conference, Tatum was asked about "The Jays" being compared to other great tandems in NBA history. His response was simple and honest. He reminded the media that just last season "y'all wanted to trade either one of us, and now you just said, Mike and Scottie."

That is high praise to give such a young duo early in their careers. There was even a reference to them being compared to Shaq and Kobe. One thing is missing though for the Celtics tandem, championships. Tatum realizes that and added that "we not as bad as you guys say we are but we not as good as Michael and Scottie, yet." He went on to say that "we gotta win when it counts most, for it to mean something."

According to ESPN, Tatum and Brown scored 30 points each for the sixth time this season. They are only the second duo to do so before the New Year. The only pair to accomplish that feat in the last 50 years were Lou Hudson and Pete Maravich.  

Jordan and Pippen had six championships together. Shaq and Kobe had three of their own. Tatum and Brown have reached the finals once so far. The journey for them will be long but their potential and ceiling are sky-high. Tatum is only 24 years old and Brown is 26. The task is tall to get to the status of the aforementioned duos but time is on their side. 

Photo Credit: Jim Rassol-USA TODAY Sports