Brook Lopez 'Haunted' By Headband, Loses Cool, Gets Ejected

If it wasn't such a heated altercation, it would have been hilarious. And in hindsight, it actually was. 

Milwaukee Bucks big man Brook Lopez got tangled up with Toronto Raptors small forward Gary Trent Jr., and wouldn't let him go, leading to a lot of pushing, shoving and screaming. In fact, the two shared such close quarters that Lopez ripped off Trent's headband, escalating the scrap even further.

Lopez got ejected after receiving two technical fouls for the incident; one for locking up Trent and holding on, the other for the headband toss.

The 7-footer was laughing about it after the game, saying that Trent's headband really got in his...head. 

"It was just driving me so insane, you know? I had to do something.. It was just talking to me. You know how like serial killers say the dog in their apartment building was talking? The headband was talking to me." 

That is 'taking the high road' indeed. It was Lopez's first career ejection. 

The Bucks went on to defeat the Raptors 130-122, with Lopez in the locker room. And Trent's headband back securely in place.