Jaylen Brown Takes A Jab At The Nuggets

The Boston Celtics are at the top of the Eastern Conference with a 26-11 record. Last night they faced the Denver Nuggets, the top team in the Western Conference. In a close game that ended with a Nuggets victory 123-111, tempers flared in the fourth quarter. At the center of it was Jaylen Brown, the Celtics forward, who made an interesting comment after the game about the Nuggets.

In the post-game conference, Brown was asked about the matchup with the Nuggets. The sixth-year guard proclaimed that "we don't get to play them again, so that's good for them." While that statement could be true for the regular season, it could suggest that Brown was taking a jab at the team. The Celtics went to the finals last season and hope to get there again. The 6'6 Celtics guard is possibly suggesting the Nuggets won't get there at all.

During the game last night in Denver, Brown is seen confronting Nuggets guard Bones Hyland. It was in the fourth quarter with seven minutes to go. The Celtics were down 13 and Hyland was being guarded by Brown when Hyland shoved Brown to the ground after Brown was called for the foul. It was then that Brown came face to face with Hyland and they had to be broken up. 

The frustration from the Celtics' one-time All-Star could have come from losing the game. There doesn't seem to be much of a history between Brown and Hyland. In fact, when Hyland was asked about the confrontation he praised Brown's game and said it was "just a basketball play."

Brown ended the game last night with an incredible stat line with 30 points, 8 rebounds, and 3 assists, despite the loss. The Celtics play their next game against the OKC Thunder tomorrow night. Brown looks to continue his stellar play this season and help Boston maintain their first-place seed in the East. 

Photo Credit Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports